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Below are extracts from some of the many lovely comments we receive. We are always delighted to hear of the joy our dogs have brought to people and our heartfelt thanks go to all of them for letting us know - and for giving our puppies wonderful homes! It makes all the effort worthwhile!

"Our experience of Jimjoy Labradors has been nothing short of wonderful. Anne and her team make sure that everything is handled with care and to the highest of standards. Our dog, like all of Jimjoy's, was bred for temperament and personality as much as for looks, which means that we ended up with a beautiful labrador possessed of a wonderful temperament. Jimjoy are top-notch, thoroughly professional, caring and very well organised breeders of fabulous dogs and my wife and I cannot recommend them highly enough."
Michael and Holly W.
"I found out about Jimjoy from a vet I met locally who had one of your dogs and thats why we put our names down. It was the best decision we made, so much so, that we will hopefully be able to have another Jimjoy Labrador in the not too distant future."
Andrea W.

"A very happy and healthy little girl who everyone loves. Again thank you for all your time and commitment that has gone into breeding such lovely dogs.  She is a pleasure to own and a big part of that comes from the work you have done with the breeding and the first weeks so thank you."
Amy G.

"I am so glad that I chose you as a breeder and him in particular. I like the combination that you have of professionalism and the obvious love you have for your dogs."
Lynn K.

"Just to reassure ANYONE who is at all worried about dog breeders that Jimjoy produces excellent dogs with a wonderful temperament. Our dog, Leo, is so gentle and kind and now he is 2 years old we are off to get him a friend from Jimjoy."
Nicky B.

"Thank you for a wonderful life companion  we would highly recommend you and the wonderful work you do in breeding and preparing all your puppies for their future lives."
Marie S.


"As expected from your incredible Jimjoy breeding, they are both the most handsome, lovely natured dogs that we're so proud of ... Thank you so much for letting us have the chance to be Jimjoy Mums and Dads once again."

Claire and Harriet B.

"We have had to say goodbye to our beautiful loyal friend Lilly, a chocolate labrador bought 17yrs ago from Jimjoy. She had been the best dog ever! I just wanted to thank Jimjoy for breeding such a fantastic dog. Sleep peacefully, Angel."
Jacqueline H.

"We're happy to be able to tell you that our puppy Jimjoy Coffee Classic turned 17 years old yesterday.  Feeling very proud.  We got a good 'un.  Thank you!
Diane H.

"Everyone that meets Bovril comments on how good looking and relaxed he is. We proudly tell them he is a Jimjoy puppy."
Julie N.
"... when we were in Padstow couple came up to us, although they didn't have a dog, and were very interested in Tessie and asked us where she was from, we said near Kidderminster, not expecting them to know it and they replied "is she a JimJoy labrador?" we were astonished! ... It's lovely to think your labradors are so special they are recognized around the UK ."
Lucy J.

"I cannot stress enough how well bred JIMJOY Labradors are."
David W.

"Everyone we meet on our walks comments on how beautiful she is. I am sure with all your experience you know how amazing your dogs are, but I wanted to share with you just what a diference Hollie has made to our lives, and how much we love her. Thank you , are two such little words, but are so heartfelt from us three..."
Sue B.

"I do get proud when strangers come up to us and say how handsome he is. I have recently recommended several customers to you."
Robert W.
"I also have a 6 month old puppy from you as well. Not only would I recommend Jimjoy to everyone, I will never have a dog from anywhere else while you’re around, so thank you for my 2 bundles of JimJoy!!"
Sandy M.


"I just wanted to say such an enormous thank you to you for such a fantastic dog. We're so grateful as she is a very much loved family dog. I've truly enjoyed the puppy stage believe it or not!"

Claire F.

"They are a pleasure to own, we are always receiving compliments on their impeccable behaviour and good looks. Thank you once again for breeding such wonderful dogs."

Linda W. 

"He has such a lovely character/temperament. He is not shy or timid, is very outgoing but he is not dominant in any way... He loves being around people and other dogs ... I wouldn't change him for the world and I love everything about him. Once again thank you so much!"
Mandy A.

"She did used to go for a day's beating with my husband and was an excellent working gundog too - what an all-rounder!"
Kelly and Gary B.

"People constantly say "isn't she good" and you can't get much better than that I think. Hope you're continuing to breed such lovely animals."
Jo C.

"He has such a lovely temperament and everyone who sees him say how gorgeous he is. The vet even said he was a very handsome chap! I am so pleased that we got our new addition to the family from you, I fell in love with him as soon as I held him."
Tracey D.

"We absolutely love her & she has such a lovely temperament. You have raised another beautiful Labrador puppy so thank you."

Jen W.

"She is 100% house trained and I am glad to say she always comes when called. She is an absolute treasure and really I can't thank you enough for breeding such a beautiful well-tempered dog."

Tara F-W.

"Thankyou once again for breeding such lovely animals that have meant so much to us over all these years."

Rosalind D. (now on Jimjoy no 4!)

"We would really like to stick with you guys as Bailey is so amazing and a joy to have."

Pam H.

"Can we thank you for giving us the greatest gift we could have ever wished for, our chocolate Labrador puppy, Flint. He is a little angel.  Keep up the good work."

Sarah and Tom R.

"She was the most remarkable, loving, gentle girl and has left a huge hole in our family's hearts. She was a total credit to your amazing breeding and I feel privileged to have had 15 fabulous, healthy years with her."
Michelle W.

We could go on ... but we hope these comments give you a flavour of our owners' experience!

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